Always trying to save big with my energy bills

It has been a year of major frustration plus massive change in our property.

This is part of the effect the pandemic has had on the lives of my family. I don’t want to be grumbling too noisily given that we have been able to maintain our health pretty well. And that is something that we are unquestionably grateful for. Of course, all of us have been adopting all of the pandemic protocols to make sure that we remain in proper health. And that if we happen to be asymptomatic, we will not be spreading the virus. With that being said, all of us have unquestionably suffered a huge amount economically this year. I have had to work from the comfort of the Heating in addition to A/C machine at my residence. This has permitted me to continue earning my salary. Something I’m thankful to be able to continue to do. However, I haven’t been able to earn any of the bonus structure plus that totally counts for more than 20 percent of my annual income. Then there is my partner, she lost her work position as her contractor laid her off plus later shut down. She has found a few online gigs to earn some currency however it’s not even close to what she was making. So all of us have had to unquestionably lower our spending. But there have been a few successes we have been able to enjoy. Last warm season, we actually ended up focusing on the Heating in addition to A/C utility costs. With a few proactive steps plus committed discipline when it comes to the temperature control setting, we managed to save around 20 percent on Heating in addition to A/C utility costs. That was a pretty nice savings. Every one of us saved hundreds over the course of the hot season. This was definitely a welcome addition to our savings account. I honestly hope this year will see us get back on a much better track.

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