Modern gym is a surprise

Today’s gym is full of opportunities to try new things

The modern versions of a gym are not at all what I remember from years ago. Being an athletic person throughout high school and college, I was always into fitness. I was always working to hit a ball further, run faster or find an edge over the competition. Back then, we had a college gym available for free to the athletes. It was mainly used by the football players for weight lifting. It was not a welcoming environment for a girl. The equipment was not geared toward cardio activities. I really didn’t enjoy spending time there. I looked for some other options. During that time period, the gym membership focused more on women was just getting started. I toured several gyms but wasn’t certainly I’d like a gym. This type of fitness program was centered around circuit type training. That led to creating a home gym. That worked out quite well. I invested in the equipment I needed for my personal training methods. I developed my own style of workouts and kept fit. As I became an adult, health and fitness took a backseat for a time. There was my career to focus on and I eventually got married and had kids. I didn’t have much time available for working out or driving to a local gym. Nearly fifteen years went by before I got determined to get back in shape. I wanted to start prioritizing my health and wellness again. When I stepped inside the local health and fitness center, I was surprised by the evolution of the local gym. Today’s gym is full of opportunities to try new things. There’s personal training and group classes. There’s all different types of equipment to target every muscle.



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