Getting into programs at the gym

Health and fitness is something of a new priority for me.

While I have normally been an active person, I haven’t always taken the best care of myself.

My diet and exercise were often ignored. All of the other obligations I had in life were given priority before my health and wellness. Fortunately, my wife convinced me to start spending time at the local gym. She had joined when the doctor suggested she needed to lose some weight and increase her activity levels. Once she got started on a workout program, her life began to improve. Along with losing weight and getting toned and strong, my all of a sudden handled stress better. She suddenly had more energy, slept better at night and was in a better mood every single day. This made a big impression on me. I agreed to go with her to the gym. I was surprised by all the equipment offered by the health and fitness center. Just the line of treadmills was amazing to me. I started by joining a group physical fitness program. This was a great way to ease into it because the class was made up of beginners who were just like me. I started slow but progressed to the yoga classes, spin classes and some other more strenuous workout programs. Before long, I signed up for personal training and nutritional counseling. This has made such a difference in my life. I feel so much better. I’ve lost a bunch of weight and built muscle. I’ve increased flexibility and balance. I’ve become more confident.


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