Exercise helps to combat symptoms of menopause

I am a 54 year-old woman experiencing the stages of menopause.

The symptoms have been bothering me for the last three years.

I’ve dealt with depression, weight gain, headaches, insomnia and terrible hot flashes. I am not willing to take any type of prescription medication due to the long-term, harmful side-effects. I’ve tried all different kinds of natural remedies, such as herbal teas and turmeric. The most beneficial treatment for menopause is regular exercise. Following a demanding workout, I am always in a better state of mind. I feel productive, healthy and good about my accomplishment. Releasing feel-good endorphins influences my outlook and keeps me energized throughout the day. Remaining physically active works to prevent weight gain. As I’ve grown older, my metabolism has slowed considerable. I’ve had to change the types of food I eat and reduce the portion sizes. I make sure to stay away from high fat, processed foods and avoid sugary treats. My morning workout burns a lot of calories and works to keep my muscles strong. Because of my efforts, I enjoy a better quality of life. I am able to continue the hobbies I enjoy, such as gardening, taking bike rides and playing golf. While I still experience regular hot flashes and have some trouble falling asleep, I’m able to combat the headaches and fatigue through high impact aerobics. When I wake up in the morning, I often deal with the results of exhaustion. It’s not always easy to become motivated and start a high intensity workout. However, once I’ve pushed myself and completed my workout routine, I always feel better. I make an effort to combine all different kinds of exercises, including deep stretching, weight lifting and bodyweight holds.

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