Indoor waterpark

My husband and I are always trying to find new and fun things to do with our kids in the summer.

It’s hard to think of new activities and we don’t live close to the beach to spend time out on the sand.

So, when I heard of a new indoor water park that was a few towns over, I decided that it was the perfect thing for us to do one weekend. My kids were so excited because they loved water parks and I was excited because the water park was indoors. The worst part about water parks is having to wait in line for rides out in the hot summer sun. However, that would not be an issue with this one. We were able to wait in the air conditioning without having to worry about getting a sunburn or overheated. I was wondering how the HVAC system at the water park would be, but I have to say it was great. I wasn’t too cold waiting in lines for rides either. I feel like this would even be a fun thing to do during the winter too. I spoke with an employee and she said the water park was almost busier during the winter months. I am sure it cost a lot of money to have such a nice HVAC system, but I am sure they make up for it with the amount of customers they have coming everyday.
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