Attached air conditioner to my bike

I have always been really jealous of my older brother. I don’t wish any harm on him of course, but I just wish I could be him I guess. I think he is so cool and he has so many friends that want to hangout with him all the time. I remember when my brother got his first car, I was so envious because all I had was my bike. I knew that I didn’t have a car because I didn’t have my license, but for some reason I was still really jealous. I hoped that one day I would have a car that nice. My favorite part of my brother’s car was the HVAC system. I guess I was so fascinated by the HVAC system because my bike didn’t have an HVAC system and it was nice to be cool while you were riding around. I am used to sweating on my bike and showing up to school drenched. So, riding in the car with my brother and feeling the air conditioner blowing out of the vents was a real treat. I starting to think of ways that I could have an HVAC system installed on my bike. I asked my brother if he had any ideas and he just laughed it off. I am still going to try and figure out the best way to get HVAC on my bike, even if my brother does think that it’s a weird idea.

furnace/heater repair

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