Tropical vacation without heat

When you plan a trip to a country like Jamaica you automatically think of warm sunshine in sandy beaches.

I am sure this is what my brother thought when he and his wife plan their honeymoon for the middle of February to this tropical location.

They knew that they wanted to get away from the winter temperatures in the north and enjoy a couple of weeks lying on the beach, however, they were unprepared for the fact that they were traveling during the country’s rainiest season of the year. Prior to boarding the plane they had changed into lighter clothing and put their jackets inside their suitcases because they felt they wouldn’t need them once they landed. The airport itself in Jamaica had no windows so it was exposed to the elements and they were quickly met by the cool damp air. The temperature outside was only in the seventies and because of the dampness it felt rather cool. They put on their jackets in headed to the hotel and hoped that their room had an HVAC system they could keep them warm and dry. As most of the year in the area was extremely warm the room was only equipped with an air conditioning unit and no heat source whatsoever. My sister-in-law said that they put on just about every layer of clothing they have brought with them to try to keep warm. She said that the first few days there were simply miserable but the last 5 days of their vacation were warm and sunny. At least they got a break from the temperatures back home for a few days anyway.


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