Shivering Puppy

Even though it is late fall it seems as though winter has arrived with a vengeance.

It is cold and snowy outside in our daytime temperatures are averaging around 25 degrees.

My neighbor called me the other day panicking, because she had found a small dog in her backyard early in the morning. It didn’t belong to her and she could tell it it been outside for quite a while because it was shivering and cold. It seems friendly enough so she brought it in the house and put it on a blanket near her fireplace to try to warm it up. She said that soon it began to move around and ended up sleeping on top of one of the vents for the HVAC system. She figured that that it was definitely someone’s pet because it new to utilize this area to keep warm. If it has been a stray it wouldn’t have known what an HVAC vent was or it would have been afraid of it. She said that each time the HVAC system kicked on in the warm air blue out of the vent you can see the dog relax even more. I suggested that you contact the local dog warden and the vet to see if anyone has reported the little guy missing. She said that she was going to do that when she hung up and I made sure to thank her for taking such good care of the little creature. What temperature is cold as they have been I am very sure he would not have survived if he has been out in the elements much longer.


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