She had the local Heating and Air Conditioning corporation come out

Tiffany had not been to her grandparents’ lodge for ages.

This was one of her best places to be in the world. And that had everything to do with her grandparents. They were free spirits and lived on their own terms. They bought 30 acres of wooded property that was barely on the grid in the 1980s. Tiffany’s grandparents were not your official work in the commercial Heating and A/C of an office, nor did they like the official life. They were writers and thinkers. The couple loved to live life. Her grandparents were the best people Tiffany ever met in her life. When she was in college and as a young adult, Tiffany was glad to spend time with them inside their lodge. This lodge was rustic to be sure. There was no residential Heating & A/C nor were there many frills of any kind, but they had good solid furniture and an amazing wood stove for heating. Tiffany’s grandparents also had a huge garden that produced most of their food. She’d get away from college for a weekend to balance her head out at the lodge. Tiffany was stunned when her grandparents left this property and this lodge to her. She was joyful to be able to spruce it up a bit so it’s comfortable for her family and her. Tiffany had the local Heating and A/C business come out and install a ductless heat pump so they had some a/c in the summer. Her husband also helped upgrade the furnishings of the lodge. It’s an attractive spot and Tiffany is just so grateful to her grandparents for passing it down to her.


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