The Heating and Air Conditioning filter issue

Benedict was staring at the new Heating and Air Conditioning equipment in disbelief, then he needed help understanding how anyone would put the air filter wrong… Benedict is a perfectionist in every aspect; the lettuce on his sandwich has to be in a certain way.

As he stood there staring at his quality Heating and Air Conditioning, he began questioning if Lucille was the right guy for him.

Benedict had taken time to explain the right way to do it, not to mention that the filter came with guidelines, but Lucille did everything hurriedly. He could not imagine the mangle his error would have done to the Heating and Air Conditioning unit and the air quality! One day, he altered the settings on the control unit, and Benedict noticed the minute he opened the door to his house. Benedict could already guess an oncoming headache, however lucille had been present during his consultation with the Heating and Air Conditioning professional and had even helped him choose among the various Heating and Air Conditioning brands. How could he suppose so much about Heating and Air Conditionings and make such a mistake? Lucille had friends in the Heating and Air Conditioning business; his brother was an Heating and Air Conditioning repairman, which was why it was the last thing he expected from Lucille; She even helped the Heating and Air Conditioning provider set up his workstation during the Heating and Air Conditioning upgrade. Something was not adding up; for someone who once worked in the local supplier and knew more about Heating and Air Conditioning service than he did, Lucille should have done better, especially on such a simple job to help with indoor comfort. Then it dawned on Benedict that he must have done it on purpose. Lucille consistently complained that Benedict policed his a lot, and he knew he would check if he had done the simple job.



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