Need AC breaks while painting in the summer

Well, I just told my cousin I would paint the outside of his dwelling while I am here over the next couple of weeks.

It is almost summertime and the temperature outside is pushing 100 F.

I will need to come inside every little while to cool off in the air conditioned dwelling because I’ve been living overseas and it is about 40 degrees hotter here than there. I’ve only been here a few days and am still trying to adjust to the weather conditions. I don’t even have a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C appliance in my dwelling overseas because the weather is incredibly mild. It’s a completely different story here and it is going to get a lot hotter over the next couple of weeks. I should be able to paint the outside of the dwelling in about a week and am planning on finally working in the mornings and nights when it’s not so warm out. My body starts heating up just walking in this severe heat. My cousin has a current Heating, Ventilation, and A/C appliance with a smart control component and it cools the dwelling down in an undoubtedly short time. It seems as though they put several vents in the dwelling though because my bedroom doesn’t get a huge amount of frigid air in it. I don’t think he got a zone control air conditioning appliance which seems like a pressing mistake but oh well. At least we have AC in the dwelling. I am going to go out and measure the dwelling to see how much paint I will need. I can’t actually believe that exterior paint at the local company goes for $45 a gallon!



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