Staying over at a nearby friends place

Lucky for me, I have a lot of friends that live close by. A few days ago, I found out that my gas furnace needed to be replaced, while it’s an older gas furnace I was still surprised by the news. They didn’t have my exact model in stock, so the heating company had to order the right equipment. In the meantime, I didn’t have any heat in the house. I had a small space heater set up in the living room, but the living room, kitchen, and dining room we’re still cold and chilly. I decided to stay with a friend for those few evenings. She lives really close to my place. We have been friends for a few years. We went out on a few dates, however neither one of us had any romantic feelings. We have remained friends since that time. I called Carol and told her the bad news about my gas furnace. She right away offered to let me stay with her until the new gas furnace could be installed. I didn’t call Carol for an invite, but I quickly agreed to the offer. I stayed with Carol for two days and on the third morning, the heating company called to tell me that they finally had the gas furnace in stock. I met the Heating and A/C serviceman in the driveway to my home. Two guys spent most of the morning installing the new equipment. Now the heat is working better than I can ever remember. I am genuinely thankful that Carol let me stay at her place for a few days. It would have been difficult to stay at my place with no heat and still go to work every morning.

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