Explaining to people who interview me about the heating and cooling industry

Since I’ve graduated with my bachelor’s degree I am currently on the job hunt. It has been such a pain recently because I haven’t been able to find any jobs that I’m remotely interested in. I have found at least five companies that I would love to work for but I’ve been turned down for all of them. All of the entry level positions are looking for 3-4 years of experience. I thought entry level positions were more for people who just graduated school. Therefore I’m not sure why these employers are wanting people with ample amount of experience when people who just graduated don’t have a lot of time to work a job that goes with their field of study. Recently I went on an interview and had to explain to an employer about my resume. I went through my resume and discussed my skills and what I am capable of doing. I explained to them that I used to work for a heating and cooling company as a receptionist. I would answer questions or transfer their calls to HVAC technicians. If a homeowner used our emergency hotline I would reach an HVAC technician, give them the address and have them go check out the problem with the HVAC system. Since I worked there for three years I had a lot of knowledge with an HVAC system. I was able to translate that knowledge to my own home when it came to any problems with my HVAC system. It is good to know the basics with HVAC and to always seek help from a professional if you’re not sure.



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