I voided the warranty on my Heating & Air Conditioning

Instant karma is simply area of my life.

If I do something wrong or stupid, the consequences are fairly immediate.

That’s just the way it’s been for my entire life. I ditched school once in high school. Me & a neighbor decided to stay inside the air conditioner all afternoon & play video games. I had the whole thing worked out. But of course, I got caught as soon as I came lake house that afternoon because I didn’t plan my lie plus I thought I had. This paradigm holds true when I do dumb stuff too. Like trying to fix the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. That’s right, I thought it would be a fantastic idea if I simply tried to fix our gas furnace & save on an Heating & Air Conditioning repair call. I thought, what could go wrong if I just have a look? What went wrong was I found a burned out switch & upgraded it. The gas furnace roared back to life & the condo was nice an cozy. I was a hero in my own mind. That lasted about 4 mornings. Then the gas furnace basically shut down for good. The area I used wasn’t a factory original area & that led to some sort of catastrophic sequence that ultimately destroyed the gas furnace. Not only that however by working on the Heating & Air Conditioning myself & using the wrong part, I voided the warranty. So not only did I have to upgrade the 4 year old gas furnace, I had to pay for it out of my own pocket because I voided the warranty.


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