Selecting a VRF system for hotel

My family has owned and operated this quaint boutique hotel along the coast for nearly sixty five years.

The family and I have a prime location with access to the beach.

Because our area is one of the major tourist destinations, both of us are always solidly booked for months in advance. Although the hotel doesn’t have the excessive luxuries of the bigger resorts on either side of our little hotel, it does offer a more personal experience. Our clients tend to be loyal and come back to us year after year. The family and I benefit from seriously high client ratings and reviews. My entire family contributes to this business, finally working to make sure the property is perfectly maintained, welcoming and ever so comfortable for our guests. Along with meticulous cleaning, quality linens and conscientious client service, and temperature control is a sizable priority. Air conditioning is necessary for just about all year round. After spending a day on the beach, our guests look forward to the cool comforts of their room. Although the temperature rarely drops, there are those days over the Winter time when heating becomes necessary. A few years ago, both of us completely updated the heating and cooling system. The family and I chose a VRF or variable refrigerant flow system because of the exceptional energy efficiency and a great deal more precision control over temperature. This type of system consists of 1 single outdoor component linked to an indoor device within each room. The indoor units all feature independent thermostats to allow for zoned control. The modular design allows us to expand or make updates without disruption or major expense. The ability of the system to precisely regulate the amounts of refrigerant supplied to each indoor device maintains legitimately even temperature and minimizes excessive energy use.



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