Starting a new fitness program to prepare for a move

Approximately four years ago, I was offered a huge promotion at work.

This promotion required more responsibility but offered much higher pay. I also needed to move across the country. I was really excited to live in a new area and get a fresh start. I viewed this as a wonderful opportunity. I became motivated to make a great first impression. I wanted to look my best and feel more confident. I was given six weeks to prepare for the transition. I became determined to make some major, positive improvements in myself. I started at a local health and wellness center. I signed up with a nutritionist and a personal fitness trainer. For the first consultation with the nutritionist, we simply talked at length about my normal eating habits, preferences, dislikes and goals for a healthy weight. She was well informed and helped me to make some simple yet rewarding substitutions. I gave up potatoes, rice and pasta and replaced them with quinoa, cauliflower and couscous. She stressed that I needed to drink lots more water and avoid coffee, pop and alcohol. She encouraged me to try various herbal teas in a variety of flavors. I also sampled some superfoods and loved them. I added kale, blueberries, spinach, nuts and seeds into my regular diet. With this new meal plan, I wasn’t hungry at the end of the day. I didn’t suffer because of my diet. I simply improved my eating habits. At the initial session with the personal trainer, I stepped on a scale and got my BMI measured. We went over my fitness goals. We met up five times per week. The trainer guided me through a series of absolutely intense exercises. The workouts were demanding and tiring. They were brutal, but I felt so accomplished and proud of myself whenever I completed it. By the time I moved across the country, I was thrilled with my appearance. I felt fit, strong and healthy. As soon as I settled in at my new job, I found a personal trainer and signed up.

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