Getting a new roof is crazy!

My parents are both in their 68s plus are legitimately bored, they have nothing to do but find projects to occupy their time.

My mother enjoys doing work on the house plus my father does what she wants.

The issue is that they can’t physically do the work anymore, and so when my parents need a task done, it is up to one of their teenagers or they hire out, and i try to do whatever they want when they want it. I just don’t always have the time though. The other afternoon I missed out on a roofing project. I didn’t want to go up on their roof anyway, however I hated that they hired roofers. I found out that my father saw two shingles in the driveway. He then decided the roof was going to shambles. My mother then got on the phone with the first roofing business she could find plus hired them to redo the entire condo roof. The roofing business then upsold them to do the garage roof as well, however did they need truly modern roofs? No, they definitely did not. I wasn’t too pleased that they got upsold on two modern roofs. I am sure that they spent a fortune. I will say one thing positive, the work was truly well done. The gray shingle roofs are gorgeous plus put on the right way. It makes the house look modern plus it is watertight. My parents are super glad with it as well. I mean, it is their cash. They should get to decide how to spend it.

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