Friends visiting from out of town

A couple of weeks ago, I had four friends come in town and stay at my house.

  • I haven’t seen these friends since we graduated high school and I was so excited to see them.

They were all coming in town for our high school reunion and I told them that they had to stay with me. It would be just like old times when we would have sleepovers every weekend. I know that all my friends really miss our town, so I thought it would be fun to do things that we used to do back in the day. So, the first thing we did was go visit a restaurant that we went to all the time when we were younger. Nothing in the restaurant had changed at all. However, we could all tell that they upgraded their HVAC system. It was obvious right when we walked in that they didn’t have the same HVAC system they did ten years ago. We used to eat dinner in this place and he so sticky from the heat because the manager would never turn the air conditioning on. I could not believe that they finally upgraded the HVAC system and now we were able to eat our dinner in peace without having to worry about sweating through our clothes. I am really happy that my friends came to visit me and I think that they should come back more often. I told them they could stay with me anytime they want!


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