Snow covered decorations

It never really seems like the Christmas season until the first good snowfall.

The past couple of years we have had green Christmas is because we have not experienced what is normal in the Northeast.

I remember last year we didn’t even have to wear coats on Christmas Eve when we went to my brother’s house to celebrate. We live in the area we do because we enjoy winter time activities such as skiing. snowmobiling. and even ice fishing. It seems like forever since we have been able to enjoy these things and I really hoping that this winter we can get back to having the cold temperatures and lots of snow. Of course, if we didn’t have our HVAC system I may not feel the same way. We had our current system installed about 4 years ago and we have experienced nothing but warm comfort throughout the winter ever since. The old system we had was very unreliable and tended to break down at least once a season and when my dad finally had enough he simply invested in a brand new HVAC system. The new system even has Zone control and we are able to regulate the temperature more evenly throughout the house. This means when we come home for our winter time activities we know we will be warm and comfortable within a matter of minutes. Most of the family really enjoys the winter with the exception of my mom who takes great pleasure in decorating for the Christmas season. She spends hours outside putting the lights on all the trees and making sure everything looks perfect. She actually dislikes the heavy snowfall because it covers up all of her beautiful creation. But, at least if he has to trudge out into the snow to fix something she can come back into a warm house.


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