The road to success

There are many ways that people consider when thinking of success.

Some feel that they must be at the top of the ladder at their job to feel successful.

For others, it is the size of the house they own, type of car they drive, or how many things they have in life. I consider success much different. To me, I feel that if I live a simple life, make people happy, and can pay my bills, I am successful. With this in mind, I tend to invest my time and money very carefully. I only purchase the items that I need and don’t like to waste time trying to do something that I am simply not equipped to handle. My family was shocked when I recently paid quite a bit to have my home assessed for energy efficiency and had a new HVAC system installed. Several people tried to tell me that I could have done some of the repairs myself and saved significant money. I have a different view as I feel my time is worth more than the frustration of doing the job myself. I was able to contact my local HVAC dealer and arrange for the assessment and installation all at the same time. Because they are professionals, they completed the jobs in no time and now I will be saving money each and every month on my heating and cooling bills. They even installed a air filtration system which will save me money on medications and doctor appointment. The cleaner air will enable me to stay healthier and avoid many of the allergies I have been experiencing. Time and money well spent is truly the meaning of success.

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