Heat from the ground

I was curious when driving by a construction site the other day and I saw a huge piece of equipment.

It did not seem normal as it was a huge machine that was designed to drill into the ground.

There also seems to be large truck holding a lot of equipment that I hadn’t seen before. When I got home I explained to my husband what I had seen and he had told me about geothermal heating. He explained that it’s much easier to install in new construction as opposed to old construction when I asked if it might be better for us. I have done some reading since that day and still think that it might be a good option for us. The only problem that I can see it says I pride myself on my manicured lawn and garden. This installation would definitely make a mess of the yard in the beginning but will be well worth the investment and the time spent having to redo it. I will have to look into it further and then have more discussions with my husband. The current boiler that we have is over 24 years old and it’s not as efficient as it should be anyway. I think it would be worth contacting our HVAC dealer to see what options we have available to us. If it isn’t in our best interest to consider replacing our unit anyway it might be worth the added expense and investment in the geothermal heating. This certainly gives us things to think about at any rate.


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