The heating contractor told her that he can help her

Penny has to write nine more stories, and then she has another 20 minutes of tasks to do online before her workday is done.

She also wants to listen to her Spanish podcasts so she can learn this language once and for all.

All of the people Penny plays beach ball with speak Spanish, and when she is done playing she feels left out of the fun conversations all the people are having. This is why Penny is trying her best to learn the language so that she can be a part of the fun. She listens to hours of Heating, Ventilation and A/C system podcasts after writing her heating and cooling system stories. Penny feels it is helping her learn the language better. She plans on doing this every single day for the next five months and she feels by then she will have a better grip on the language finally. The heating contractor told her that he can help her learn the language and more Heating, Ventilation and A/C device terms, so if she needs some help she has a backup plan. His name is Mario and he is honestly cute, so Penny may get distracted when he is trying to teach her the language. But, she will do her best to stay focused and learn from him. He works as a cooling and heating company in the neighborhood and he speaks little English, which is good because Penny will be forced to speak in Spanish only while the Heating, Ventilation and A/C rep is trying to help her. There is another guy that she could ask to teach her, but she is not sure he wants to do that as he is pretty busy.

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