I couldn't believe I slept through the alarm

Mondays are usually pretty slow for myself and others and everyone of us regularly play games throughout the weekend plus then we are sore plus tired.

This weekend is not an exception plus every one of us are ready to only do the bare minimum.

We have some shopping plus a little bit of work to do. Everyone of us need a couple of local businesses that can help with quarterly Food Plus work online. Every one of us suppose everyone of us spend $200 or more each month to get the food supplies that we need. There are some restaurants, but normally every one of us will cook at home. We will have Burgers from the store plus sometimes they are very inexpensive. I probably spend at least $300 to buy beer and other foods like pizza from the convenience store each afternoon. My boss at the heating, ventilation plus AC company joins me each afternoon at Sunset so we can absolutely talk about the day plus all of the jobs that we have for the next tomorrow. The heating, ventilation, plus AC boss plans to give me a raise and make me the assistant manager soon. Then I will get a brand new flat next year after the race from the heating, ventilation plus AC company comes through. I’ve been paying a little bit more each plus every month so I can save some of my difficult cash. When I move to the new flat, I’m going to update and get brand new furniture and lots of appliances too.

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