Need to Crawl Into Some Huge Ductwork Next Week

Next week is going to be a fun week when I do a immense commercial ductwork cleaning job.

I will have to crawl through the unusual ducts to disinfect them because it is a immense building & the ducts are gigantic & you can really walk inside of them. Most of the dust & debris I find is on the bottom of the ducts, so it’s pretty straight-forward to disinfect them & it shouldn’t take me that long. I will have a few other Heating plus Air Conditioning specialists toiling with me so I will not be there alone, & it should be an straight-forward task for us to do as the people I was with and I all have done it many times before. I know the people I was with and I can finish it in a single day, however they provided us three afternoons to do the job, so the people I was with and I can take our time & do it right. The people I was with and I also have to install a few smart temperature controls in the building, however that should be pretty straight-forward to do because the people I was with and I have another specialist that only does that. I idea on doing the job in a single day & then taking the next several afternoons to relax & do some personal things & catch up on some writing. I know the heating & cooling supplier that the people I was with and I are toiling for is going to pay us for all three afternoons whether it takes us a single day or three afternoons.That means that the people I was with and I need to do the job as fast as possible & take the rest of the time to chill out & play. It’s nice being paid by the job.


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