Sunny Day out There This week & I’m Going out to Play

I don’t love being stuck in the flat all day when pretty much everyone is out & about, however I have work to do & I will feel a lot better about myself if I just get it done.

It’s really pretty quiet out there right now because I just went for a ride & I did not see many people out there, so I need to get down to it, get my work done, & then go back outside & start living again. I could constantly come home tonight & do my Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment writing then, however I do not love writing at night because that is my time to relax & chill out. I will enjoy my documentary on YouTube that much more if I get all my work done today in the daytime. I love to watch documentaries about the Heating plus Air Conditioning industry & where it will be headed over the next twenty or so years. There’s a lot to learn in the industry because it is constantly changing & you need to keep abreast of all the latest advancements now, or you will be left behind in the dust. I have some books that I study in the industry however I love to watch videos because it’s a lot easier & I can get a lot more information much quicker. Some of these Heating plus Air Conditioning pros who make the videos actually think the cutting edge technology undoubtedly well, so I love to listen to them speak. The latest thing I was seeing was a video on Wi-Fi programmable smart temperature controls & how they control everything nowadays.

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