It’s Been a Long Weekend With Many Sleepless Nights

The stock market has been going a bit silly lately, especially in the crypto sector where Doge has jumped love over 125% in the past week alone.

I am sitting on 70K coins right now & hoping to ride it up to $1 a coin before selling it all & jumping back into Ethereum.

If all goes well I could have 50 Ethereum coins, which would be incredible because I once had 33 coins & lost most of them from too much trading.The local dealer near me sells cryptos & I talk a lot to the owner, who told me not to sell my 33 coins when I had them. My Heating plus Air Conditioning pro neighbor also told me to hold them & I wish I heeded their advice, however I was antsy & kept switching them around & ended up losing most of them. So if this Doge does go up to $1 I would be given a hour chance. I would care about to get that cash back I lost & turn it into a good positive gain & buy that modern Heating plus Air Conditioning plan I’ve been wanting for a long time. I should have bought it last year when I had the cash instead of dumping it on thick cryptos at the worst time! Now I have to wait & hopefully try to recoup it so I can buy that heating & cooling plan that I actually need for my flat, since the people I was with and I have no temperature control in this apartment anymore. Luckily the weather is mild right now & the people I was with and I do not need any air conditioner or heating, however that can change pretty suddenly.

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