Daylight Savings was Last Night so There Goes my Volleyball Evenings

That’s it. The people I was with and I are now respectfully done with the volleyball season as the sunlight now goes down too early to play while in the week. Most people work till around 5pm & now the sunlight is setting at 5:45pm so that leaves us with no time to play after work & it limits us to weekends only playing. I really am done toiling each day by around 3:30pm so I could play, however I would be the only a single on the beach as most of my friends aren’t done with work till later. My cooling corp, which is now going to be switching over to a heating corp for the winter, is not open today as it is Friday. It isn’t really my corp however I work there while in the week doing inventory & answering customer’s questions about several topics in the Heating plus Air Conditioning world. I will just work online today with my Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment writing work & disinfect my flat later. I am trying to decide if I want to have a roommate or not as I am making just enough cash to live on my own, however having someone help split the cost of this flat would help me a lot each week. It’s just that my property owner, who is also an Heating plus Air Conditioning tech, doesn’t want me renting my flat with anyone else. But that isn’t honorableas the rents & utilities have gone way up over the past year & pretty much everyone are struggling to stay in their flats, even with having other flatmates. I know I should be fine.

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