Certain foods are not meant for summer

I absolutely love to eat. I love to eat so much that I would consider myself a foodie. I am very much that person that feels like certain foods are meant for certain times of the year. For example, if you are going to sit down and eat a hot bowl of soup, that makes the most sense to be done on a frigid winter day while you are sitting in front of your fireplace. My theory applies to beverages as well. I would much rather enjoy hot cocoa with whipped cream on a freezing winter day than on a hot and humid summer day. The same goes for summer days as well. No one wants to eat ice cream while they are absolutely freezing on a winter day. Even if you have the heat on, have radiant heated floors, and are sitting in front of a fireplace, eating ice cream just feels more natural in the summer. There are certain foods that I feel are summer foods as well. I love to grill in the summer, and then eat the food inside in the air conditioning. A nice juicy cheeseburger, fresh watermelon, cucumber and tomato salad are all foods that I enjoy eating in the comfort of my air conditioning on a hot summer night. I also love to drink refreshing beverages on hot summer nights and I enjoy them in my central air conditioning. Certain fruits and vegetables are better when they are in season as well. The next time you eat food, think about if it would be more enjoyable in the heat or in air conditioning.

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