Looking for air conditioner for small space

John has been working from home for years, but his wife just switched careers and will also be working from home.

  • John and his wife, Shirley tried to work from home at the same time and it did not work very well.

Between the virtual meetings happening at the same time and only having one designated office space in their house, John knew this would not work out full time. Since he works for himself, he does not have a designated building to go into for work. John decided it was time to rent an office space so he can go to work and allow his wife to work from home without the distractions of his job. He loved working from home because he was comfortable. Between having central heating and air conditioning, food and drinks right there, and being able to work in comfortable clothing, there were alot of pros. John found an office space to rent, but it did not have air conditioning at all. The office space is small so he started researching ways he can cool his small office space while saving money. He decided to look into a portable air conditioner, a window air conditioner unit, a wall air conditioner unit, and a mini split system. He figured that he could easily set up a portable air conditioner and he could install a window/ wall air conditioner unit. However, he knew he would have to hire an HVAC professional to install the mini split system. He decided to go with the window air conditioning unit and he installed it himself no problem.


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