Air conditioning was weak in air conditioning studio

Last week, my husband and I got professional pictures taken.

We are finally pregnant after struggling with infertility and going through in vitro fertilization.

We decided to have our wedding photographer take our photos because we already have a relationship with her and she does amazing work. It happened to be one of the hottest and most humid days on the day of our photoshoot. We live in the southeast region of the country and this has already been a super hot and humid summer. I was all dressed up, my hair was done, and my makeup was professionally done. I was ready to walk into an air conditioned studio to cool off and do the photoshoot. My photographer does not have central air conditioning in her studio, because it is very small. Instead of central air conditioning, she has a hi wall split system in her studio. She typically runs the air conditioning before her clients get to their photoshoots, but on this particular day she had arrived at the same time as us. I was so hot and sweaty, and I am really hoping that my sweatiness does not show in the professional photos. In addition to worrying about the photos, I am not supposed to get overheated when I am pregnat. I kept standing as close as I could to the air conditioning vent to cool off. As soon as we finished the photos, I blasted the air conditioning in my car. My husband ran to a gas station and got me a big water bottle to help me cool down. I felt so much better when I got home and relaxed in my central air conditioning.


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