My brother won the lottery

My brother won the lottery and the first thing that he bought was a house with a really good HVAC system. He always told me that if he ever struck it rich then he was going to immediately go and buy a house with the greatest HVAC system that I had ever heard of. I always thought that was very weird of him to say. I would expect for him to say that he would go out and buy a fancy car or something like that instead. Anyway, When he hit the lottery, the first thing he did was go find a realtor to help him find the perfect house with a high efficiency heating and cooling system that he loved. He ended up in a house with a really great heating and cooling system in it, and he says that the air conditioning is the best one he has ever seen. The indoor air quality of the house is perfect, and he has an air purification system that runs at the same time as the heating and cooling system. Not only that, but he has two fireplaces in the house. One is a wood burning fireplace and the other one is a gas log fireplace. Best of all, he has radiant heated flooring throughout the house. I think that he is going to be very happy in this house and I am really glad for him! I still can’t believe that he won the lottery, though. That’s the first time that anything like that has ever happened to someone in our family. We aren’t usually very lucky people, but at least he got the heating and cooling system of his dreams!
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