My siblings decided to send my dad off to a hotel last weekend

My siblings and I decided to send my dad off to a hotel last weekend so that we could have the HVAC techs install his new central A/C system for him. It was a big birthday for him, and so we wanted to get him a really nice gift. Since our dad had been complaining constantly about his old worn out HVAC system, specifically his A/C unit. So, we decided to get a new one for him. However, we really wanted it to be a surprise for him but that was hard to figure out how to do. Our dad hardly ever leaves his house. He is a real homebody, but finally my brother decided to buy a night in a fancy hotel for him and make it seem like that was his birthday present. Meanwhile, while my dad was at the hotel, we would have the HVAC technicians back at his house installing his real birthday present. We all felt like it was a pretty brilliant plan. When my dad drove off to go to the hotel, we all high-fived each other and we were very excited about seeing our plan come to fruition. The HVAC technicians showed up right on time, and they got right to work on installing the new air conditioning system for my dad. They checked everything and they even installed a new smart thermostat system for him too. Everything went very smoothly, and my dad was thrilled when he got home and found that he had a brand new air conditioning system and thermostat system in his house.

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