I noticed that the vents were full of dog hair

I couldn’t believe what I saw at my friend’s house the other day when I went over to let her dogs out.

She was working a booth at a convention all day and so I offered to help her out with her dogs while she was working. Her house is the biggest one on the street and it is really nice, so I was shocked to find how dirty it was inside whenever I went in to get the dogs. It wasn’t cluttered or anything, but there was dirt and dog hair literally everywhere in the house. Every single surface seemed to be covered in dog hair and by the time I got the dogs outside, my pants were covered in dog hair too! I couldn’t believe it because I always think of my friend as being neat and clean but her house wasn’t like that at all. The worst thing about it was the fact that the indoor air quality in the house was just terrible. I don’t know how they can even breathe in there because the air feels so heavy and dirty. When I looked at one of the air conditioning vents on the floor in the living room, I saw that there was dog hair caked in the air vent cover. I think that the air ducts might actually be blocked from the dog hair in their house! I feel like telling her that they need to change their air filters more often but I don’t really want to overstep my boundaries. I guess I should probably just keep my mouth shut but she really needs to do something about the HVAC system over there. She’s going to end up burning out her air conditioning system this summer if she tries to run it with all of that dog hair in it.



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