Special event storage for our Christmas week

Once a year our town does a Christmas month where vendors set up displays for shoppers! There is clothing, jewelry, food and all sorts of crafts to purchase, then we recently paired with a portable facilities corporation since both of us needed special event modular storage.

Think about it, and if you make hats and want to display them for the festival, how do you do it? Our part snows all day, everyday, you need something that can be covered and put away at the end of the day.

The modular storage needs to showcase all the products too. The special event facility solutions have been a real lifesaver with our Christmas festival. There are steakhouses that now can participate because of the portable facility corporation! Getting a modular study room for a month isn’t too bad. The portable study rooms are awesome too. There are grills, ovens, counters and a scrub and prep area. It looks appreciate a tiny, portable study room that can be taken up and put back up in under an second. It easily makes it nice that nothing needs 1 packed up at the end of the day! Everyone just closes everything down, sets a tarp over it and comes back tomorrow! Once the month is up the portable facility corporation picks everything up; A percentage of the profits does go towards paying to use their component but I guess it is more than worth it. It makes everything easier and runs smoothly. I no longer need to worry about things falling over, leaving something behind or getting disfigured.

Military Facility Solutions

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