Adding on to the house adds value and some great ductless HVAC

We knew that we needed more room.

  • Our hope that sisters could share the largest bedroom was falling flat.

My wife and I put our daughters in the biggest room in the house when they were just infants. They’re only just a bit more than a year apart and we were thinking they might be able to share this room. But like all my time relaxing in the air conditioning, that just evaporated. Once the oldest started middle school, it was clear this situation wasn’t working. And our son occupied the other room. So, it was clear that we either upgraded the HVAC and put the house on the market or we create a new bedroom. After deliberating with my wife, we chose to add value to our current home and put on a master suite. And that master suite came with its own heating and cooling and master bath. This was a much better solution as we will be able to sell the house for a tidy profit when the kids are off to college in less than a decade. In the meantime, the girls each have their own rooms and there is much more peace in the house. Plus, my wife and I have a full on sanctuary with wonderful heating and cooling provided by a ductless heat pump. The ductless heat pump is rather amazing. It’s so compact and yet produces so much high quality heating and air. The new bathroom even has a space heater for those cold mornings as well. This was the right answer to a tough problem.


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