Stopping direct sunlight heating makes a big difference

When we moved here, we were just so excited to for two big reasons.

The first was that we would never face another winter where we had to use something like a gas furnace or a boiler to stay warm.

And we weren’t going to miss the HVAC heating costs either. The idea of having a winter full of sunshine that we could actually get outside and enjoy was so exciting. The other part of the move that we were so excited about was the fact that we would be able to enjoy some privacy. After a lifetime spent living the city life, the idea of some space was so inviting. No longer would we have to work for privacy. We’d be living on 15 acres with no neighbors. I could hardly believe it. And when we finally did move to the south, we got all of that and more. But the privacy thing has a lot to do with me initially paying far too much for HVAC cooling that first spring. We didn’t hang any curtains when we moved in to our house. Since we had no neighbors, we just wanted to revel in the view and the fact that we didn’t have to cover our windows. But what I didn’t realize until late that first spring was that no window coverings meant a whole lot of direct sunlight heating. Subsequently, that meant a ton of extra kilowatt hours for the HVAC equipment. That first utility bill of late spring sure got my attention. That’s when I learned that mitigating direct sunlight heating will slash an HVAC cooling bill for sure.

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