Eating out and HVAC

I really was so excited to finally get the opportunity to eat out again.

  • Due to the pandemic, I hadn’t seen the inside of a restaurant in over a year.

That’s a long time for me. I love dining and am a bit of a foodie when you come right down to it. But my wife and I followed all the protocols so we weren’t leaving the HVAC comfort and safety of our home for a restaurant. Now, we still got to have take out. And there were a few times we were able to eat at a restaurant without having to go inside the air conditioning to do it. There’s a few places around here that have outdoor dining and that was really nice to experience. Still, my wife and I were so excited to enjoy a sit down meal in more of a fine dining restaurant. Once we got vaccinated, we decided to give it a try. Just leaving the HVAC cooling of our house on that summer evening was great. We were dressed up and ready for a lovely dining experience. And that’s exactly what we got except for the dang air conditioning. I was so surprised to find the restaurant as hot and sticky as it was. In fact, we moved from the first table we were shown thinking that this might make a difference. And it didn’t make a bit of difference. By the time the entree came, we were in a full on sweat. And I noticed that the wait staff was suffering as well. Finally, we asked them to just box up our leftovers because we just wanted to find some decent HVAC cooling.


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