Electronic Filter Monitor

Air filters are vital parts of your home air conditioning system. They serve to trap dirt, dust, and other allergens as air circulates through your system. Air filters need to be replaced with time otherwise the buildup of dirt and allergens can actually slow your system’s efficiency. If you’re like most you probably forget about your air filter until it’s so dirty that your system suffers. Because this is a common issue, electronic filter monitors are around. An electronic filter monitor tracks the status of your air filter continuously. It keeps track of how well your air filter is working at any given time and lets you know the minute your air filter stops filtering as optimally as it should. Depending on the specific model you choose, your electronic air filter may have the capability to send email or text alerts letting you know your filter should be changed. With the use of an electronic filter monitor, you can keep a close watch on your system. This saves you from losing your cold air in the middle of the summer or unintentionally breathing in harsh allergens. A clogged air filter prevents your system from running optimally, forcing your system to work harder and causing your energy bills to go up. Being able to monitor your air filter status will help you stay on top of the efficiency of your system.


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