What you should ask during an estimate

At some point you will need to replace your home’s central air conditioner, heat pump, and or furnace.

These systems present a substantial cost for homeowners.

Collecting estimates on the cost of a new system can feel like bracing yourself for bad news. Be sure to ask some important questions to a certified AC contractor during your HVAC estimate. You should always ask what type of warranties come with your system. It’s important for you to know how long the system will be under a manufacturer’s warranty. You should also find out if the contractor’s work is under any warranty and if so, for how long. Be sure to ask about the fine details of service. Many warranties require routine service or the warranty will be void. You should ask what the estimated payback for energy efficient models is. Today, manufacturers are offering air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces that are extremely energy efficient. Though they are energy efficient they come with a higher price tag. Ask your contractor how long it takes for the energy savings to pay for the added cost of the unit so you know at what point you will actually see a cost savings. When homeowners are considering installing a new unit, they often first think of their budget for the actual heat pump or air conditioner, without also considering how much installation costs will be. Make sure that these costs, which can be fairly significant, are factored into your overall budget. Receiving a new heating system estimate may not be the most enjoyable task in life, but with the right questions and a professional, reliable contractor, you can feel confident in your decision.


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