The best refrigerant for your HVAC system

An air conditioner is nothing without refrigerant, and choosing the right kind of refrigerant for your system can ensure that it runs optimally throughout the year.

  • Freon(R-22) refrigerant was used in most air conditioning models until it was discovered to be destructive to the Ozone layer.

The EPA recently ordered that it be phased out. But, luckily there are other refrigerant options to choose from. R-410A, also known as Puron, has been approved for new air conditioning systems and does not contribute to the destruction of the Ozone layer. It operates at a higher pressure than Freon, so your system will need to have components in place to handle the increase. R-407C is another type of refrigerant that is environmentally friendly. It is similar to Freon as operating goes but it does carry a lower overall efficiency due to its lower pressure. It has a high difference between evaporation and condensing temperatures. R143a is a refrigerant that is widely used throughout the world and does not contribute to ozone depletion. It is also a no glide refrigerant and was the first environmentally friendly refrigerant to be widely commercialized. Choosing a type of refrigerant depends on your system. Most technicians recommend using R410A because of its high efficiency and performance while still remaining environmentally friendly. It is mostly designed for newer air conditioners and parts. An older model will not likely be able to handle the higher pressure. If you have an older system, it may be better to use R-407C or another option that more closely resembles the operation of R-22 despite the high glide and lower efficiency overall. Choosing a refrigerant that doesn’t match your system’s capabilities can damage parts or cause refrigerants to leak.
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