Feeling comfortable and relaxed at home

It was pretty scary during the start of the pandemic. Suddenly we were told to do the social distancing and only leave the household for emergencies. We genuinely were concerned about coming down with a serious illness, so we decided to be prepared. We contacted the HVAC company and had them install a powerful UV air purification system. They said this UV light worked to kill even the worst type of viruses so that the risk of spread would be severely limited. On top of having the UV air purification, the HVAC professionals reminded us to get regular maintenance, especially with the ductwork cleaning so further improve the air quality and prevent the spread of illness. We are extremely lucky to have never gotten sick during these times, at least with nothing serious. I honestly think we’re going to be alright, especially with the UV air purification working constantly to keep us in good health. I swear by this HVAC component and I have recommended to all my family and friends that they all should have UV air purification systems or at least the portable UV air purifiers in their homes. Most people have listened to me, but some people are stubborn and don’t see the need for improved air quality. I don’t like to visit people who think like that because I don’t enjoy being uncomfortable with terrible air quality and the risk of pathogens spreading. So long as we have our trusty UV air purification doing its thing in the background, it’s easy to feel comfortable and relaxed at home.

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