Some issues with the indoor air quality at the restaurant

The other day when I took my wife to a nice restaurant, there were some complications.

The place was usually nice with good temperature control settings and air quality.

Unfortunately, this time around the air quality was kind of lacking, there was a foul burning smell in the air, and the temperature control settings were awful. It turned out that there was a complication with the air purification system as well as the main HVAC system. The waiter was telling us that they already had arranged for an HVAC professional to come out to repair everything, but unfortunately until that was done the air quality would be lacking and that was the best they could provide them with temperature control settings. They even said it was pretty nice outside and we could always go eat on the balcony. Since it was feeling a little too uncomfortable on the inside, we decided to eat on the balcony after all. It actually was the perfect day and the air quality outside was rather nice. The thing that we especially loved though was the food. Even if I had to endure the terrible air quality, I think I might still do it for the good food. Of course, I might be tempted to take the food to go with horrible air quality, but I’ve never had an issue with the meals I’ve had at this place, they’re all great. My wife was telling me after we went back home that we should consider eating outside more often, but only when it’s comfortable. I definitely had to agree.

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