Had to figure out what to do with the fireplace

When my wife and I settled into our new home, we were pretty excited about what we would do with the fireplace.

The stone it was made out of was beautiful, and everything was intact. It basically just needed to be cleaned by a professional chimney sweep I thought. My wife had other ideas though. She was saying how it would be messy using a traditional wood burning fireplace. She said that eventually we were going to have children, and they might even get burned by the fireplace or possibly burn the house down if they pulled a burning log from the fire. I thought about it and realized she was right. I didn’t want to just have the fireplace there for decoration though, we had to do something. She suggested that we install some sort of insert like an electric fireplace. She said we could have a professional come out to check it out. So we hired an HVAC expert and he did the measurements and showed us our different options for electric and gas fireplaces. I thought the gas ones were really cool, but they were also very expensive. The electric ones were more affordable and so we went that route. I have to admit, I enjoy relaxing in front of the fireplace, even though it’s only electric. I know that our future children won’t get hurt though and that’s something I really care about. I’m also thinking about other comforts for them like a good air purification system so that we have amazing air quality in our home.

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