I was worried that my wife would not be on board with the fireplace installation

The gas fireplace was a fair compromise I thought

My wife was kind of shocked when I told her we should have a fireplace installed in our living room. We had spoken about selling the place over the years, but she says how much she loves it in this home. I always wanted to get away somewhere else to a new home with a beautiful fireplace. I realized that the only way I was going to get my fireplace was to have one installed, and I had to see if my wife was with me on this. She said it certainly would be something different. I think she just had trouble picturing what the new fireplace would look like. I was thinking about going for a wood burning fireplace, but she said it would be so difficult to keep up with all the wood splitting. She said you had to have seasoned wood too, you couldn’t just cut any random tree down and use that wood right away. She mentioned how my back was bad already too and I probably wouldn’t enjoy splitting wood too much and I could potentially hurt myself. She made a lot of interesting points. I was saddened because I thought she wasn’t going to let us get a new fireplace. Then, she said it would be alright to get a nice gas fireplace or possibly an electric one. I had to pass on the electric because I wanted something that was somewhat real at least. The gas fireplace was a fair compromise I thought. While there would be no real burning logs, there would at least be real fire. We picked out a nice fireplace to have installed and now we both actually love it more than ever. I always find myself reading in front of the fireplace these days.


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