The HVAC professional told me a lot about new HVAC technology

The last time I had the HVAC professional come out to our home for an HVAC tune-up, he was telling me about new HVAC technology.

  • He told me about geothermal HVAC systems, different types of smart thermostats, and modern styles of radiant heating.

He wasn’t rude about it or pushing, but he mentioned that I should consider upgrading my HVAC since it was coming close to its time. He was right about that, the system had lasted me a good 12 years with minimal issues. This is because I always made sure to make the HVAC system maintenance a priority in our budgeting. I had to ask him what type of HVAC he would recommend since he was familiar with the layout of my home. He said to be honest, I should go for a ductless mini split. He said he specialized in those types of installations and they are generally straightforward to install. He said the way we were headed with HVAC technology was amazing and he couldn’t wait to see what was next coming down the pipeline. He explained that these systems are so easy these days, you don’t necessarily need an HVAC professional to install them. I was surprised that he would tell me about that as you’d think he would lose business, but he said he has people requesting that he install ductless HVAC systems all the time, especially the commercial sized systems. I learned that with residential systems, you can get line sets with pre compressed refrigerants. With the larger systems however, the refrigerant must be charged by a certified HVAC professional.

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