I was torn between getting a mini-split and window AC for the sunroom

Building the apartment was a slow but sure process for our fiance and me.

We had saved up and got the land a few years back.

Then both of us got the plans drawn for the kind of apartment both of us dreamed about, then after that, both of us began the construction toil a little at a time, depending on the financial status. We were determined to achieve our dream, even if it took some time to do so. About numerous years after both of us started, the apartment was finally finished and fully fitted with everything both of us needed to live comfortably! Next, both of us saved up to add a attractive sunroom with indoor plants and furniture to the house. The sunroom was not a project that took too long to finish, but it was not attached to the central cooling and oil furnace. We needed to get air conditioner for the space, especially for Summer and Winter time periods. The debate between us was on the best a/c to get. Should both of us go with a mini-split AC or a Window AC system? Since both of us could not see eye to eye on this, both of us decided to consult an HVAC professional who ran a local AC repair and servicing business in the area. The AC expert was quite patient with us and provided us the pros and cons of both systems. After listening to him carefully, both of us decided to go with the mini-split HVAC component for the sunroom. The ductless component was affordable, energy-efficient, and would suit a space that did not have a window to set up the other unit.



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