Easy ways to increase airflow through the vents

For an HVAC system to work optimally, there is a need to ensure adequate airflow.

  • Blockages and restrictions cause the HVAC system to strain and overwork.

Consequently, it may overheat and eventually break down beyond repair. However, for the system to be perfect and to serve you long, you must closely monitor its performance every other day. If you note that the air vents in your home are not what they used to be, you should consider checking out common airflow issues that need to be addressed urgently. The first stop should be at the air filter. This serves as the gatekeeper of your system and is responsible for filtering out any debris that can clog the system. Change your air filters regularly and ensure that there is adequate airflow. Besides providing that the HVAC system is not blocked, clean filters also improve air quality in your house. Monitor the filter and how dirty it gets. If it clogs easily and fills up regularly, then it should, then there’s a possibility that it is not the right fit. Switch it up after contacting the HVAC technician for correct advice. Also, watch out for duct leakage as this could interfere with airflow. When the HVAC system has cracks, the chances are that air will escape through the cracks, meaning that less air gets to the vents. Also, choose the right duct size since undersized or oversized ducts will strain the HVAC system. Note that the ducts are channels through which hot or cold air flows to get to the vents. When they are not properly sized, then the air that gets to the vents will be compromised.


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