How to switch on the pilot light

Anyone who owns a furnace understands how vital the pilot light is.

It is the one component that certifies if your furnace is still in good working condition, especially after a long period of being unused.

It is therefore not surprising when one panics if it refuses to light. However, this should not be an issue that makes you restless unless you attempt to relight it a few times to no avail. Fortunately, the pilot relighting process is simple. All you need to do is first switch off the gas valve for at least three minutes. This will allow the escaped gas to dissipate slowly. You can then proceed to hold and press the valve while turning the pilot. Using a BBQ lighter, relight the pilot light. Do not let go of the pressed valve for a few more seconds to ensure that the pilot light lights up and remains lit. You may have to repeat this a few more times before it finally agrees to light. However, if it is adamant after a few relighting attempts, then you need to replace the panel cover. You may need to know for sure what could cause this failure to relight. Sometimes the solution lies in first troubleshooting and understanding the problem. One of the common problems is the gas supply. If it has been interfered with, then the chances are that the pilot light will not light. A cracked heat exchanger may also be another trigger that needs professional intervention to resolve. Finally, there may be a thermocouple malfunction that must be addressed. In case you are stuck, do not fear turning to your HVAC expert in winter.

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