Why is your gas furnace not working properly when cold

Cold winter months don’t have to be challenging.

  • You can create a comfortable indoor space for yourself with the right HVAC unit, particularly gas furnaces.

However, these systems might break down occasionally and need to be fixed to restore your home’s indoor temperature. Some of these common furnace issues include blowing cold air, uneven airflow, excessive cycling, loss of heat and power, carbon monoxide, and a furnace that won’t turn on. Fortunately, you can diagnose and fix these issues. For instance, if your gas furnace blows cold air only, you should check its air filters for clogs or extreme dirt. Blocked air filters impede the steady flow of air, forcing your gas furnace to work harder. This condition will increase your energy cost and keep your home cold for a long time. Solve this problem by replacing your air filters regularly. If your gas furnace has uneven airflow, some rooms in your home will be cold, while others will receive adequate heat. This indicates that you might have installed the wrong sized HVAC equipment or have a problem with your system’s air ducts. You should also check your room’s insulation and draft or inspect your home’s structure for weaknesses as cold air could be coming into your house. If your house’s insulation is spot on, you have to adjust your HVAC system’s vents. Better yet, call an HVAC professional to help you fix the issue. Ask the HVAC technician to check your system for excessive cycling if your furnace repeatedly switches itself off and on. Excessive cycling is caused by blocked filters, bad thermostat settings, and hindered airflow. Call an HVAC contractor to troubleshoot and restore your HVAC unit to normal function.



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