Gas furnace not working after power outage

Power outages affect a home’s HVAC system, especially gas furnaces.

Ordinarily, it stops the normal functioning of a gas furnace.

However, your heating system should power back when the lights come back on. Sometimes, this does not happen, causing confusion among homeowners. At this point, you have to get your hands dirty and troubleshoot your gas furnace or get the services of a qualified HVAC repairman. If you decide to troubleshoot the gas furnace on your own, you need to start by looking for a tripped breaker. Often, a power surge from an erratic power supply trips your home’s main circuit breakers to protect your home from the excess power supply. Locate your home’s electric control panel and look for breakers with red color at their switch window. Push the breaker to the ‘off’ position and turn it back on. The switch window will turn from red to green, and your gas furnace will begin to work. Your thermostat may also need resetting after a power outage. However, it may go to service mode and will have to be reprogrammed before your gas furnace resumes normal operations. This phenomenon is common with smart thermostats. This problem could cause your gas furnace to cycle continuously without heating up. You have to call a qualified HVAC technician to fix the problem. Check your HVAC equipment’s pilot light. Typically, huge windstorms can cause your pilot light to blow out. If there was an interruption in your gas supply, the pilot light might go out sporadically and eventually turn off. To fix it, you have to check if it is on. Look at the bottom of your unit’s main door. If you do not see a small flame, you need to light it manually or get an HVAC repairman to help you.

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